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City Reflections

by Andrea Stone

"While visiting Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2011 I became consciously aware of the incredibly beautiful abstract patterns reflected in the windows of the Downtown. I started to associate to the way metal and glass, like structure and openness, represent the tension between elements in modern architecture. While the metal framework demands conformity, the glass reflections seem to explode, almost in defiance of this structure and, in the end, seem to transcend their captors."

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The History of Typography

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Digital prints for swimwear collection!

Digital prints for swimwear collection!

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Ann and Kirby Kenny wearing Miu Miu S/S 2010 by Mark Segal for Interview


Ann and Kirby Kenny wearing Miu Miu S/S 2010 by Mark Segal for Interview

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issey miyake s/s 2000

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Secret Life

Secret Life portrays a woman trapped in an apartment with a life of its own. Transcending the narrative horizons of human desire, the film visits upon us a glimpse of a shared and sacred reality. A work that defies the ultimate metaphysical taboos of temporality by combining novel technique with intrepid philosophical vision; and daring to present that which is seldom, if ever, portrayed in any artistic medium. 
Impossibilities are made possible through Reynolds’ signature aesthetic, a lens that can fill one with reverence for the mundane. 
Have you ever wondered what time sees, experiences? Without mortal assumptions about time, the occupant of the apartment is no longer limited even to unique location, but here, seen through the eye of time, space itself is now become alive. Without the context of space and time, the woman’s mind collapses and neglects the organization of her experience, leaving her only with sensations. The viewer may ask: Is it her mind or is it time itself that creates the uncontrolled and uncontrollable environment? The work suggests that all living things are endowed with consciousness, meaning all living things have awareness. While the space increases in its activity, the woman becomes an ever more passive element in her world. She moves at a mechanical speed and her mind is like a clock whose hands pin the events of her life to the tapestry of time, all the while, the truth is transcendentally reflected in the mechanical eye of the camera. Her thoughts escape her and come to life, growing like the plants that inhabit the space around her: living, searching, feeling, breathing and dying.

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Holy Flowers - Fade Into You

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